Marlin Walker Obituary, Marlin Walker Has Died

Marlin Walker Obituary, Death – Marlin David Walker passed away on March 30th, 2018, at the Ephraim McDowell Health Center in Danville, Kentucky. he was 79 years old. This establishment can be found in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He had a total of 56 years of experience. He considered the community of Tompkinsville, which is found in the state of Kentucky, to be his permanent domicile even though it is physically located in another state.

On Sunday, April 2, 2019, at one o’clock in the afternoon, funeral services will be place at the Yokley Trible Funeral Home in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. The funeral home is located in Kentucky. Tompkinsville, in the state of Kentucky, is the location of the funeral home. The funeral home is located in the state of Kentucky, which is the location of the state.

Tompkinsville was chosen as the location for the funeral home because of its proximity to other necessary businesses. When the funeral service is over, the body will be taken to the Old Mt. Herman Cemetery so that it can be laid to rest there. At the Yokley Trible Funeral Home, visitation will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 2, and continue until the time of the ceremony at 1:00 p.m. on the same day.

The event is scheduled to take place on the second Sunday of April. The event is going to take place on Sunday, April 2nd, according to the current plans. Visitation will take place in the evening on Saturday, April 1st, commencing at 4 o’clock and continuing until 8 o’clock in the evening.