Manuel R. Arengo Obituary, Manuel R. Arengo Has Passed Away

Manuel R. Arengo Obituary, Death – You have now been reunited not only with your other siblings, but also with your parents and other other relatives, such as my dady, your uncle boy, your auntie gina, and your lolo. You have recently been reunited with your parents and siblings, and on their behalf as well as on behalf of the family of my uncle.

I would like to express my congratulations to you on this happy occasion. I must break the news to you, dear friends and family, of the demise of our uncle Manny Manuel R. Arengo Jr., and I do so with a broken heart and a heavy weight. It is with a broken spirit and a sorrowful heart that I do so. Because he has decided to take his own unexpected departure today, we are going to miss you very much, uncle. We will think of you often. You are currently present in the same room as your parents and your other siblings at this time.

Your wisdom, insightful guidance, and entertaining anecdotes will live on through the years and be shared with next generations. During this trying moment, my sincere condolences go out to the departed loved one’s family and friends. I ask God to grant him the kind of peace that is unfathomable to human beings so that he can carry on with his life.