Mahlon Miller Obituary, Mahlon Miller Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Mahlon Miller Obituary, Death – We are sending along the news of Mahlon Miller’s demise with our condolences to all of you. Mahlon was a child of God who was kind, compassionate, hard working, community centered, and most importantly, he worked hard. He had an undying love for the Lord, and his primary goal in life was to walk in accordance with Jesus’ teachings. Mahlon was the kind of person that made friends out of everyone he came in contact with. He was never without a smile or a quick joke.

Because I worked for him for eight years, I have personal experience with this matter. My favorite memory of Mahlon is the time he and Irene were honored by the city of Nappanee by being given the key to the city. I was given permission by Mayor Larry Thompson to bring it to him. What an amazing time it was for me. Despite the fact that Mahlon did not wish to attract attention, he presented the Mayor with a Newmar knife. After that, he turned his focus onto me and stated something along the lines of, “I am not entirely glad about the attention, but, you need a knife too, Jeff.”

My heart aches for his family because they have lost a man of faith, courage, and commitment. I am brokenhearted for them. We are now left to deal with our grief as Mahlon is with his wife Irene as they stroll around the streets of heaven. His task here on earth is done, and we commend him as having been a good and faithful servant throughout the process. The Miller family will always be remembered with gratitude by Nappanee.
The Nappanee Area Chamber of Commerce is led by Jeff Kitson, who serves as Executive Director.