Mad Mike Obituary Meadville, PA, Tattoo Artist Mad Mike Has Passed Away

Mad Mike Obituary, Death – My entire being is in utter disarray… There is no one who will ever be able to compete with you… I am really appreciative of every single one of the minutes, hours, and days that I got to spend with you. Even though the storm kept us cooped up inside for the night, we still managed to have a great time, which is why I consider my rose to be my favorite tattoo.

You provided me with soup, we sat and spoke and laughed together, and you paid for someone to shovel snow off of my car so that I could drive it. You paid for someone to push my car out of the snow, and I drove through the streets with you in your car, we walked three blocks arm in arm till we found shelter, and then you paid for someone to push my car out of the snow.

You noted that one of the things that you appreciated the most about having tattoos was the chance to relive the experiences that were linked with each individual piece. In addition, I am quite appreciative of each and every one of them. My dear friend, I shall mourn your passing for the rest of my life and think about you often. Mad Mike
I truly apologize. This makes me feel like the absolute worst. Thoughts for those who were closest to him as well as those who knew him.