Loet Leyesdorff Obituary, Loet Leyesdorff Has Sadly Passed Away

Loet Leyesdorff Obituary, Death – A great number of academics all around the world have cited Loet as a source of motivation. He is a friend who is always helpful and generous. It has been an incredible blessing for CIMR to have Loet serve as a Visiting Fellow. He was someone who provided the CIMR members with a lot of assistance. Loet collaborated with us on the writing of papers, served as a mentor to junior and senior researchers, participated as a keynote speaker in our events, and attended many other activities. His contribution to the intellectual debate was invaluable; he was constantly curious, engaged, and pleased to share with our community his extensive knowledge of innovation, scientometrics, and communication studies.

His participation in the conversation was marked by these qualities. Because of his collaboration with Henry Etzkowitz, with whom he developed the Triple Helix Model and presented it to the public in 1995, he is, of course, well-known all over the world for his work in this field. Those of us who were in attendance at the Triple Helix conference in 2013 while it was held at Birkbeck really loved it. The meeting was co-hosted by Birkbeck, UCL, and the Big Innovation Centre in London.

That was a great time that we had. As event organizers, we turned to Loet for tremendous support as we navigated the complex requirements imposed by the Triple Helix Association in order to bring about the successful completion of the event. That description fits him to a tee. We owe Loet an incalculable amount of gratitude. The CIMR, the Department, and the College all had a stronger presence in the international research community because to Loet. The entirety of the CIMR community will mourn his passing in a profound way.