Lillie Pryor Obituary, Lillie Pryor Funeral Notice

Lillie Pryor Obituary, Death – Mrs. Lillie J. Pryor, who had lived in Summerville, South Carolina, had reached the age of 84 when she passed away on March 25, 2023 at the Trident Medical Center in North Charleston, South Carolina. She then entered her eternal rest there. Mrs. Pryor had been a resident of South Carolina her entire life. She believed that the neighborhood of Summerville would be her home for the foreseeable future. They would want the Pryor family to know that they are offering their most heartfelt condolences to each and every member of the family at this trying time and that the Pryor family is in their thoughts at this difficult moment.

The administration and employees of The Serenity Mortuary would like the Pryor family to know that they are thinking of them and that they are in their thoughts at this difficult time. They are sorry for the loss that you have suffered. Because she is the devoted wife of Mr. Roosevelt Pryor, Jr., Mrs. Pryor is recognized as a major member of the community. Her recognition comes as a consequence of the fact that Mrs. The passage from this world to the next, which encompassed both time and eternity, was quite simple for me to do.

We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Lillie J. Pryor and the upcoming arrangements for her burial at The Serenity Mortuary. Please accept our condolences. The administration and staff of the funeral home are sorry to hear of the loss of a loved one. Mrs. Pryor, who had spent her whole life in Summerville, South Carolina, was 84 years old when she passed away. She had spent her entire life in that city.

Mrs. Pryor considered Summerville to be her permanent place of residence. Because her family is going through a difficult time right now, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this challenging moment. They could really use your support right now. They require as much aid as they are currently capable of obtaining at this time.