Lexi Bell Obituary, GoFundMe, Lexi Bell Has Died – Death

Lexi Bell Obituary, Death – As a consequence of her own self-inflicted suicide, Lexi Rose Bell passed away at her residence on the evening of Saturday, March 25. Lexi was in her 18th year at the time. Lexi was born on June 16, 2004, in Cumberland, where she spent her childhood. Later, she moved to Skowhegan, where she attended Skowhegan Area High School and graduated in 2022. The title of “Prom King” was bestowed to Lexi in a manner that was both proud and significant. She was a student-athlete who competed in both tennis and soccer for her school. After deciding to pursue a career in marine biology, Lexi enrolled in the marine biology program at the University of Maine at Orono.

Most recently, she applied for an internship on a whale-watching boat in Bar Harbor. Both of these steps brought her closer to realizing her goal of becoming a marine biologist. Lexi was only at UMO for a brief period of time, but during that time she established a lot of wonderful friends, just as she did wherever else she went. Lexi adored spending time in close quarters with both her cat, Teddy, and the family collie, Luke. Her legacy includes a large support system comprised of devoted family and friends, such as her sisters Juliana and Jenna as well as her brother Danny. Lexi is survived by all of them.

Raelynn, Lexi’s older sister, passed away before to her own passing. They have finally reunited and are surely throwing the most groovy dance party that heaven has ever witnessed. The Bell-Chillington family has suffered immeasurable setbacks in recent years. We want to be able to assist relieve some of the financial strain that this terrible event has caused for them so that they may not only grieve but also celebrate the life of precious Lexi.