Lester Brock Obituary, Lester Brock Has Passed Away Sadly

Lester Brock Obituary, Death – At the age of 78, Lester Lowry Brock, who resided in Starr, South Carolina, passed away quietly on March 24, 2023, at the Rainey Hospice House. On March 24th, he was checked into the institution, and a room was allotted to him there. Before he was born on August 6, 1944 in Anderson, South Carolina, both of his parents, James Hamond Brock and Annie Mae Campbell Brock, passed away. His birth took place. The date of his birth is noteworthy as it marks the passing of both of his parents before he was even born.

His parents were named James Hamond Brock and Annie Mae Campbell Brock, and he was their son. He was their only child. His passing came after the passing of other members of his family. All of his family members, including his sisters Frances Bell and Audrey Taylor and his brothers James Hamond Brock, James Winford Brock, Herbert Brock, and Joel Brock, were put to death. James Winford Brock, one of his other brothers, was one of his other siblings. After serving in the United States Air Force, Lester went on to enjoy a prosperous career as a contractor after leaving the military.

Not only was he a passionate gun collector, but he also devoted a considerable amount of his time to instructing others in the proper use of shotguns. In addition to that, he served for a number of years as the head coach of the Crescent High School Elite Shooting Team. In his spare time, especially when he wasn’t competing or practicing his shooting abilities, he thoroughly enjoyed going on hunting trips. Lester was the definition of a devoted family guy who enjoyed the time he got to spend with his friends and loved ones, regardless of their relationship to him.

Nothing made him happier than being able to spend time with the people he cared about. Spending time with the people he cared about made him happier than almost anything else could, including money. His wife, Kimberly Brock Brown (Richard), of Starr, South Carolina; his son, Christopher J. Brock, of Danielsville, Georgia; his grandchildren, Eric Brown, Brenda Lowing, and Jessie Lowing; his great grandchildren, Haleigh Brown, Morgan Brown, and Kaydence Brown; and his sister, Caroline Sisk (Eddie), of Anderson, South Carolina, are among those who will carry on his legacy after his passing.

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, beginning at one o’clock in the afternoon and continuing for another two hours and forty-five minutes after that time at the McDougald Funeral Home, friends and family of the deceased are cordially invited to pay their respects to the family of the deceased. The visitation will begin at the funeral home. The wake will get underway at nine in the morning, and then the funeral ceremony will take place in the Chapel at three in the afternoon. The services will be presided over by Reverends Mark Dickson and Harvey Hughes respectively. In the future, a private memorial service will be held at the M.J. Dolly Cooper Veterans Cemetery in honor of the deceased.