Leonius Skaar Obituary, Leonius Skaar Has Passed Away

Leonius Skaar Obituary, Death – On April 3, Sister Leonius Skaar, OP, who was a member of our community and was loved and respected by everyone, passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer. She was well-liked and well-respected by all. She was a valued member of our community and garnered the esteem and admiration of her peers. Everyone will feel saddened when they hear about her departure after hearing the news.

Friends and family members will be able to virtually attend her wake on April 11 at 6:30 p.m. Central Time as well as her Funeral Mass on April 12 at 10:30 a.m. Central Time if they go to the website www.sinsinawa.org/live and select the “watch” option that is listed next to each event. This can be done by selecting the “watch” option that is posted next to each event. These activities are going to take place in the United States of America.

On the World Wide Web, you can locate the website at the address sinsinawa.org/live. Both services will be held concurrently, which in the United States corresponds to the time zone known as Central Time. There will be no broadcast of either of these services on television. The landmass that is going to be known as the United States of America is going to be the location that plays host to each and every one of these get-togethers. She is present in exactly the same manner as God, who is present at all times and in all places, is present!