Lee Purkis aka In Sync Obituary, DJ and UK techno pioneer Lee Purkis has died sadly

Lee Purkis Death, Obituary – RIP Lee, You served as an example for many people, blazed the trail, and were an authentic trailblazer. and a friend, despite the fact that we hadn’t really communicated with one another in about five years, and I’ve been meaning to contact you recently, but it’s always the way sometimes, don’t leave things too long because you never know what could happen.

One of the earliest people in the UK to actively support, promote, and play house and techno music was Lee Purkis, better known by his stage name In Sync. In the late 1980s, he traveled to Chicago and Detroit in search of songs that British DJs could not obtain in any other way. His goal was to locate these albums. Purkis played an important role in the establishment of FatCat records in Crawley, Sussex, in the early 1990s, before the company relocated to London.

Even though it has been closed for quite some time, Purkis’s brainchild is still one of the most revered record stores in the UK, even though very few people are aware of the significant role he played in the conception of the store. Insync vs. Mysteron was a mantle that he shared with Chris Hartley and David Manuel, and as such, he was partially responsible for the establishment of the 10th Planet record label.

Purkis and his 10th Planet associates were also involved in music that was released on Fragmented Records (FMD LP 001 and FMD CD 001), Relief Records (RR760), Basement 282 (PT17), Target Records (US) (TR-001), and Peacefrog Records (PFG 058, PFG 059/PFG 059 CD), but they were never given any credit for these works. This is in addition to those releases that were correctly credited to known aliases.

In January 2006, Purkis material was finally released after a hiatus of several years, and it was released on his own label, Fortune8. He has an archive of material that was recorded in the late 1990s but has never been made public.