Lawrence Hanson Obituary, Lawrence Hanson has passed away unexpectedly

Lawrence Hanson Obituary, Death – At the time of his passing on March 23, 2023, Lawrence Gunerius Hanson was a resident of Worland, Wyoming. He was residing there at the time of his passing in the Worland Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. He has 93 years under his belt. On October 19, 1929, in Greybull, Wyoming, Lawrence Hanson became the first of six children to be born to Gunerius and Ellen Ann (Behne) Hanson. Lawrence was the first of six children. The first of a total of six children, Lawrence came into the world first. It seemed inevitable that he would choose Greybull in this situation. Lawrence enjoyed the serene and easy way of life that he was able to lead there because of its ability to fulfill all of his needs.

Because he wanted to keep to himself, he did not interact with others very much despite the fact that he was a genuinely kind guy. He would travel to the mountains any time he had the chance to do so, whenever that may have been. He took solace in the fact that the location was known for its tranquility and isolation. He took great care in looking to his peony flower garden and was always generous enough to give away the breathtaking blooms that it produced each spring. Each year in the spring it was his tradition to give away the blossoms.

On the occasion of Memorial Day, he would pay a visit to a number of the family cemeteries and adorn them with the fragrant flowers. Even if he was under the impression that his circle of influence was small, the people who were fortunate enough to spend the most time with him will be the ones who carry on his legacy. Everyone will grieve his passing in their own unique ways. His siblings Robert (Linda) Hanson, Marvin, and Melvin Hanson, as well as his parents, as well as his sisters Bertha (Ozmo) Ranta, Betty (Joe) Bumpas, and Charlotte (Gene) Werlinger, all went away before he did. Surviving family members include a large number of nieces and nephews, as well as a half-brother named Charles Vanderpas who resides in Billings, Montana, and a sister-in-law named Joyce Hanson who resides in Dickinson, North Dakota. Charles Vanderpas is also survived by a large number of nieces and nephews.