Laura Almquist Obituary, Laura Almquist has passed away suddenly -Death

Laura Almquist Obituary, Death – Once we learned that Laura Almquist had moved away, both Mona and I have been overcome with an overwhelming sense of regret. This has been the case ever since we got out the news about her departure. Since the time that we first learned about it, things have been going in this direction. One of the many charming nicknames that Laura’s husband gave to his wife, who was also one of the most incredible individuals I’ve ever encountered and one of my closest friends, was “Lolly.” This was one of the many sweet nicknames that Laura’s husband gave to his wife. “Lolly” was what Laura’s husband called her.

During the course of their marriage, Laura’s spouse referred to his wife by a number of affectionate nicknames. Because of how consistently she demonstrated her consideration and concern for others, we will never be able to forget her thoughtfulness and caring as long as we live. Lolly was recognized for both her respectability and her uncompromising drive when it came to assisting others, particularly children. She particularly enjoyed working with the younger generation. She showed an extraordinary amount of commitment to this cause. She held a very deep passion for assisting children, and she considered this cause to be one that held a very special place in her heart.

She will be greatly missed, but we will never forget her since she was such a wonderful factor in the lives of so many of us. Although we will mourn her dearly, we will never forget her. Because of the difference she made in each of our lives, we will never forget her. Due of the significant difference she made in each of our lives, she will be ingrained in our memory for the rest of our lives. John is the one person in Lolly’s life who has been consistently significant to her throughout her whole existence, and that person is John.

Lolly has spent her entire life with John. They have just just come to the conclusion that they want to spend the rest of their life with one another and that they want to do this together. She has developed compassion, empathy, and an awareness for the significance of service over the course of her life; the experiences she has had will continue to have a huge influence on the community of Tucson. Her life has allowed her to develop these qualities.