Kimberly Harvey Obituary, Manchester, GA, Kimberly Harvey Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Kimberly Harvey Obituary, Death – The life of Kimberly Harvey was taken away from her in a heinous manner. Kimberly maintained a life in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where she worked for Hyundai Mobis in addition to her studies at the University of Phoenix. She also attended classes at the University of Phoenix. On November 15, 1958, her mother, Phyllis (Harrah) Hutchins, and her father, Warren Gittinger, were both there at the hospital to meet their newborn daughter as she made her entry into the world.

They did so to celebrate the occasion of their daughter’s birth. They were there to celebrate the fact that she had finally arrived at the destination. She was a mother who made the decision to stay at home with her children and enjoyed doing things like playing catch with her dogs, walking around the neighbourhood with her kids, and hanging out by the pool outside. In addition to that, she had a dog of her own.

Marley and Buddy were the only names given to her two dogs; she never considered changing them. She is survived by her husband, Benjamin, to whom she was married on March 30, 2006; her daughter, Keisha (Coy) Dencer, who lives in Clyde; her step-daughters, Christy (Chad) Nickell, Lindsey (Michael) Hepler, Emily (Kelan) Bohannon, and Haley (Damion) Henry, all of Texas; her sister, Linda Hickman, who lives in Tiffin; and her brothers.

Prior to her departure, both of her parents, Phyllis and John Hutchins, as well as her daughter, Angela Andres, and her husband, Warren Gittinger, had already left. She was the last person to go. Her departure came after everyone else had already departed. Before she passed away, her son Warren Gittinger had already left this world. She was not the only one who had passed away. At this point in time, she is the only living member of her direct family. Her other relatives have all passed away.