Karla Coffman Obituary, Death, Karla Coffman Sadly Passed Away

Karla Coffman Obituary, Death – Our dear friend and Vice President, Karla Coffman, passed away recently, and all of us in the Eat My Catfish family are inconsolable over the news of her departure. Since the very beginning of Eat My Catfish, Karla has been an indispensable member of our team and our family. She exemplified each and every one of the traits that it is our everyday mission to instill in our workforce. Karla exemplified our organization’s goal of developing future leaders for our community. She gave everyone, including our staff, her full attention, mental capacity, and physical time. It was not the development of the business as a whole that was desired, but rather the improvement of the individual employees. Karla had a profound effect on a great number of people’s lives, not only at EMC but throughout throughout her journey.

Even though our hearts are breaking because she is no longer in our life, we know that our lives will be forever changed for the better since she was our friend.
When the tornado struck our store and office the previous week, Karla called me a few moments later to reassure me that our employees and customers were safe, to reassure me that everything was going to be well, and to tell me that she would be at my side for as long as it took. When compared to the devastation we are suffering as a result of losing Karla, the destruction we experienced on that day is nothing to write home about.

Karla’s two children, Bree and Ethan, were the most important things in her life. Nothing else could compare. Please give some thought to contributing to the GoFundMe account that has been established for them. We have high hopes that they will be able to feel the same degree of bravery and self-assurance that Karla brought into the lives of everyone that she came in contact with. We would be honored if those of you who have benefited from her wisdom and support throughout the years would share your experiences with us in the comments section below.