Justin Sharp Death Waco, TX, Identity released of teenager shot and killed in Waco

Justin Sharp Death Waco, TX – According to a press release issued by the Waco Police Department on Wednesday, the teen victim who was shot and died in Waco on Tuesday has been identified as Justin Sharp. The police reported that they were still looking for the suspect, but they think it was an isolated event.

A little after 1 o’clock in the afternoon, a gunshot took place in the 3300 block of Brookview Drive. At the hospital, Sharp eventually passed away. “This was a vicious act of gun violence in our town that resulted in the heartbreaking loss of yet another adolescent,” “remarked the Chief of Police Sheryl Victorian. “Our law enforcement officials are committed to making every effort to determine who was responsible for his passing. Do the right thing and contact the Waco Police Department if you have any information regarding this murder so that they can assist you in identifying those who are responsible. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of the young man who passed away.

At least seven or eight gunshots, according to one neighbor, who immediately dialed 911 after hearing the sound. “After opening my front door, I looked out and saw the boy dozing off in the grass. He was struggling for breath and had his head held high. I questioned him by saying, “baby, are you okay?” and he lowered his head “According to Jessica Hicks.

Anyone who has information should contact the Waco Police Department at (254) 750-7500 or Crime Stoppers at (254) 753-4357. Both numbers can be reached anonymously. The year 2023 has now claimed its third victim of homicide.