Justin Crakow Obituary, NC man dies in two-vehicle car crash in Horry County, SC coroner says

Justin Crakow Obituary, Death – A man who was originally from North Carolina lost his life on Friday as a result of an accident in Horry County that involved two vehicles. The tragedy was caused by a collision between the vehicles. According to Tamara Willard, the Chief Deputy Coroner for Horry County, Justin Crakow, age 33, passed away on Friday morning at 8:38 a.m., shortly after being carried to a local hospital, as reported by the Chief Deputy Coroner for Horry County.

In addition to this, three persons were injured as a direct result of the incident. According to Lena Butler of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Crakow was driving west on Highway 22 when the collision happened, and the second motorist was travelling north on Highway 501 in a Honda Accent. Both drivers were operating their vehicles in the same direction. On Highway 501, the Nissan’s driver was heading in the direction of the northbound lanes.

According to Butler, the accident with the Nissan took place at 7:20 in the morning and was caused by Crakow’s failure to yield. Butler also stated that the collision was his fault. At that very instant, Crakow was the only one who was present in the automobile. As a result of the collision, the driver of the Nissan as well as two of the vehicle’s other occupants were sent to the nearby hospital for medical attention. The agency in South Carolina that is responsible for conducting the investigation is the South Carolina Highway Patrol.