Julie Lugo Cerra Obituary, Death, Julie Lugo Cerra Has Passed Away

Julie Lugo Cerra Obituary, Death – On Monday morning, I learned about Julie Lugo Cerra’s passing, and it left me with a saddening sense of loss. She was truly one of the most amazing people who lived in Culver City. Julie was a good friend as well as a true force of nature who made the most of each and every chance to improve the quality of life in our town.

She had been Culver City’s City Historian since 1996 and had served two stints on the CCUSD Board of Education, each of which was for a period of four years. On Monday evening, the meeting of the City Council was brought to a close in her memory. I will think of Julie often, but I am confident that her impact on so many people’s lives will ensure that her memory will endure.

Throughout our cousin Kathie McGee’s protracted sickness, Julie kept in contact with her and even brought over some of her scrumptious jam for her to enjoy. Julie also made sure to visit her. A respected local historian who is also loyal to her circle of friends in Culver City. We shall miss having her around. Have a peaceful rest. During my time working for the City, I was afforded the privilege and honor of collaborating with her as well as the Historical Society. Such a wonderful lady. She will be greatly missed by everyone. I only pray that she passed away without any pain.