Judy Farrell Obituary, M.A.S.H Actress Judy Farrell Passes Away at 84

Judy Farrell Obituary, Death – Even though it has been almost four decades since the series finale of M.A.S.H. aired in 1983, the show is still widely regarded as one of the most iconic television comedies of all time. Sadly, one of the cast members has passed away. On April 2, Judy Farrell, who was best known for her role as Nurse Able in multiple episodes of the CBS hit, passed away. When she passed away, she had reached the age of 84 years. Michael Farrell, Judy Farrell’s son, recently gave an interview to TMZ in which he revealed that his mother passed away on April 2, 2019, nine days after she had a stroke. Following the stroke, he reported to the media outlet that she was unable to speak but that she was alert and able to squeeze the hands of those she cared about. The sad news was further confirmed in a statement that was released (via EW) by Loretta Swit, who had previously worked with Farrell and said:

Judy was an absolutely stunning woman, both on the outside and the inside. We went through childhood together. She was related to us. The loss of her has been difficult to bear, but we will carry the beauty of her memory with us forever. Rest in peace, Nurse Able. Loretta Swit, who is best known for her role as Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, was a colleague of Judy Farrell’s Nurse Able during her time at the 4077th Medical Army Support Hospital (MASH). In addition, Farrell collaborated on the show with her current husband, Mike Farrell, who was formerly her husband. After the character of Trapper Jack McIntyre was played by Wayne Rogers, who passed away in 2015, he was replaced on the hit drama by the legendary prankster Captain B.J. Hunnicut, who became the new partner-in-crime of Alan Alda’s Hawkeye Pierce. He played the role of B.J. Hunnicut on the show. In 1976, Judy Farrell made her debut in the role of Nurse Able during the fifth season.

The actress would eventually end up appearing in a total of eight episodes, one of which was the series finale, which was hailed as a success and set a record for television ratings for nearly three decades. In addition, Farrell made guest appearances on a number of television shows, such as The Partridge Family, Quincy M.E., Fame, and Divorce Court, playing supporting characters. According to IMDb, her last film as an actress was the comedy Long-Term Relationship, which was released in 2006. Additionally, she has been credited as a writer on more than one hundred episodes of the soap opera spinoff of the long-running General Hospital, which is titled Port Charles.

Judy Farrell and Mike Farrell were married for a total of twenty years, from 1963 until 1983, and during that time they had two children together. Following the conclusion of their marriage, she wed her second husband, Joe Bratcher, in 1985. She remained married to him until the day she passed away, April 2, 2023. Bratcher and the actress’s two children are the only people who will remember her after her passing. Judy Farrell was notable for making the role of Nurse Able her own, despite the fact that she only appeared in eight of the 256 episodes that comprised the M.A.S.H. television series (which ran for longer than the actual Korean War over the course of 11 seasons). A character with that name had previously appeared in earlier seasons, and she was played by a variety of different actresses. Following the conclusion of Season 5, Farrell was cast in the role of Nurse Able, and all of her previous episodes are currently available to watch on-demand with a Hulu subscription. During this trying time, all of us here at CinemaBlend would like to extend our thoughts and condolences to Judy Farrell’s family, friends, and loved ones.