Josette Robinson Obituary, Josette Robinson Has Sadly Passed Away

Josette Robinson Obituary, Death – The Belgian Deaf Sports Committee was startled and grieved to learn of Josette Robinson’s passing, and they have conveyed their condolences to her family and friends. Josette was a prominent figure in the Belgian deaf sports community. Josette was born on July 19, 1941, and she passed away on April 5, 2023. The time frame of these events is shown below.

Since she has left, the Belgian Deaf sports Committee has been feeling a great lot of sorrow since they have lost a sportswoman who competed with her full heart and was held in high respect throughout the world of Belgian Deaf sports. Since she has left, the committee has lost a sportswoman who competed with her whole heart and was held in high esteem throughout the world of Belgian Deaf sports.

Josette entered the world on July 19, 1941. Her birthday is July 19th. Josette Robinson, a player for Woluwe S.S.B. and an avid tennis player (very much like her identical twin sister Nicole), rose rapidly through the levels of competition at the international level. While she was there, she took part in a variety of contests, some of which were the European Championships and the Deaflympics.

In addition to her responsibilities as director of the C.I.S.S. from 1992 to 2004, Josette acted as the technical director of the E.D.S.O. during the same time period. Josette Robinson was honored by Emmanuel Rossel and myself at the 20th Deaflympics, which took place in Melbourne, Australia, in the year 2005. These games were held in honor of Josette Robinson.

These events were an excellent chance to recognize Josette’s accomplishments and give her praise for the hard work that she had put in. (T.D. of soccer). On February 14, 2010, Josette Robinson (Woluw√© S.S.B.) became the new president of the L.S.F.S., succeeding Pierre Dewit in that role.

She is the only woman to ever occupy this role and continues in her predecessor Dewit’s shoes as the leader of the organization. (R.L.S. Bruxelles). She has been in charge of supervising the work on this project for the past nine years, all the way up to April of this year. Because Josette was successful in her roles as an athlete and a contact person, other athletes commonly looked up to her as an example of how they should conduct themselves in competition.