Jody Rice Obituary, Death, Jody Rice Unexpectedly Passed Away

Jody Rice Obituary, Death – Jody Rice, often known as “Joy,” was born on November 16th, 1977. At the age of 18 months, God put Jody in the arms of Don, Gay, Jon, and Mary Pat Rice, who love and care for her. She did exceptionally well in spite of the fact that she had cerebral palsy from birth thanks to the love and care of her family as well as the many caregivers and mentors that entered her life. Over her life, she has achieved a lot of success. She received her education at the Maple River, Minnesota Academy for the Blind, and later spent twenty years working at MRCI, which is where she made many friends who have remained throughout her life.

Her many caregivers and staff members, who were encouraged to go into a variety of occupations in healthcare, must have been her life’s greatest purpose, and she must have been the person who had the most impact on their lives. She made friendships that will last a lifetime at her group home in North Mankato, which was located on Marie Lane. She lived there for 24 years and thrived during that time. Jody is survived by Mom and Dad of Mapleton; brother, Jon, of Wilmington, NC; sister, Mary Pat (Ledell Peterson) of Minneapolis; nephew, Bennie Rice; nieces, Jordan, Ramsey, Peyton, Miracle, Stacy (husband, Josh, and their daughter, Chanel) Waller, and Cheri Grounds; aunts, Becky, Shirley, and Janet of Durand, OK; special sister, Angela Moore; and friends, Kristy, Debbie, Darcy, Lois, and many more.

Her grandparents, her sister Christy, and her second mother, Ariel, all passed away before she was born. We are thankful for the kind care that she received at the Mapleton Community Home as well as the St. Croix hospice. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the Gillette Children’s Foundation, which can be contacted at the following address: 200 University Avenue East, Internal 010601, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101. Please visit our flower shop if you would like to order memorial trees or send flowers to Jody “Joy” Rice’s family in remembrance of Jody “Joy” Rice.