Jimmy Vukovich Obituary, Musical Director of the Theatre Under The Stars Has Died

Jimmy Vukovich Obituary, Death – In addition to his work at TUTS as Musical Director and Vocal Coach, Jimmy Vukovich has also served in the capacity of Education Teaching Artist during his time at the university. TUTS is overtaken with sorrow when he informs the community of his passing,

and he does so with a heavy heart since he knows it will affect them all. During Jimmy’s time working at TUTS, which began in 2011 and lasted until 2018, he held the role of musical director for a number of productions that were staged on the main stage as well as in the high school musical theater department. In addition to that, he was a helping hand throughout a lot of the summer camp sessions that were organized at The River.

Voice lessons were frequently requested by Academy students, and Jimmy was happy to provide them. Jimmy was a remarkable instructor who took a sincere interest in the accomplishments of each and every one of his students; he will be much missed by each and every one of them.

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