Jesiah Gardner Obituary, Hirschi High School junior student Jesiah Gardner has died – Death

Jesiah Gardner Obituary, Death – Jesiah Marquise Gardner, who had just turned 18 years old when he passed away, was snatched from this world without any prior warning on February 21, 2023. His passing came as a complete and utter shock. Jesiah was a student at Hirschi High School at the time, and in addition to his academic obligations, he was involved in a number of extracurricular activities, such as the ROTC and the school band. He participated in each and every one of these activities with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. It had been one of his key aspirations ever since he was young to become a fighter pilot for the United States Air Force, and thus he focused a significant amount of his time and effort toward achieving this objective.

When it came to fulfilling the responsibilities that came with his participation in ROTC, Jesiah was an exceptionally dedicated man. He never missed a beat. During his first year at the school, not only did he participate in the rifle team and the color guard, but he was also recognized with the Hirschi’s Cadet of the Year award. In addition to his accomplishments, he received this prize. In addition to that, this honor was presented to him as a gift from the organization. Whether they were performing on the field or in the audience, he was always the band’s greatest fan and the one who brought the most excitement to the event.

Whether they were playing on the field or in the crowd. Also, he was the individual who was responsible for bringing the most people to the event. Not only does this prize, which was established by Jesiah’s family, carry his name, but it was also first named in his honor when it was presented for the very first time. In addition to the kind help provided by a number of other individuals and organizations, Yogurt Journey is contributing to the cause financially. Each and every year, the ROTC program and/or the band department at Hirschi High School will each have the opportunity to submit an application for and compete for a scholarship in the amount of $500. This opportunity will be made available to them both. In the event that they are victorious, the scholarship will be bestowed upon them.