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Jerry Frear has been a wonderful friend to us and a devoted patron for many years, and it is with heavy hearts that we must now say goodbye to him. It knocked the wind out of me when I learned that my friend had passed away earlier today. The news came to me earlier today. Jerry and I go back a long way to when we were both working in advertising, and we used to spend a lot of time together reflecting on how much things had changed and how quickly they had evolved while also reminiscing about the good old days.
Jerry was a kook; he had a dry sense of humor,

but I never failed to laugh at the jokes that he made. He had an incredible capacity for compassion, and he was always interested in finding out how I was doing in addition to how the company was doing. He was never satisfied with anything less than the truth, and he despised idle chatter. We joked often .In point of fact, the usual sarcastic tone was used in our very last conversation together… Jer laughed and said, “I am paid up for the next few,” in response to my inquiry as to whether he had “bumped his head” as a result of his reputation for being so thrifty. On a check that was only for $10, Jer left a tip for me that was also for $10. Jerry, there is no question that you will be missed in this world…

Because of this, I am overjoyed to know beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in heaven at this very moment, talking the ear off of God, and becoming aware of how very much more there is to learn… because you most certainly knew more than the majority of people here! The pictures that are attached are the very last things that Jerry posted on his Facebook page, and they make a clear declaration about the kind of person a truly great man was. Jerry passed away recently. Friends, find eternal rest in God!