Janie Carswell Obituary, Janie Carswell Has Died

Janie Carswell Obituary, Death – In loving memory of my dearly missed aunt Janie Carswell, who passed away this morning, and to whom I would like to pay my respects by taking advantage of this opportunity before it was taken from me… My aunt. She prayed, in her own name, for herself as well as for the rest of my family… She prayed for herself and for the rest of my family. She prayed, not only for herself but also for the other members of my family.

She possessed the uncanny ability to make each one of us feel as if we were somebody special… Her love persisted despite everything that happened. She never let a chance go by to inspire us to keep working hard towards even greater accomplishments and to boost our spirits, and she never missed an opportunity to do either of those things. When you arrive there, our Heavenly Father and the rest of the family will definitely be waiting for you with wide arms, and there is not the slightest bit of uncertainty in my mind regarding that fact.

You were referred to as “Auntie,” and I’m writing to both congratulate you on a job well done and advise you to get some rest because you’ve been working really hard. I’m sure the recent past has been incredibly hectic for you.