Janice Poynter Obituary, Janice Poynter Has died – Death

Janice Poynter Obituary, Death – Janice Lynn Poynter, age 70, of Harlan, Kentucky, passed away at her home on Friday, March 31, 2023 as a consequence of the aftereffects of a prolonged illness. She had been ailing for quite some time. The death was due to cancer in the underlying cause. Her birthday is on April 10th, and she was born in Harlan in 1952. Her birthplace was Harlan.

The year itself serves as an indicator of her birth year. Janice had been an employee at Kentucky Vocational and Rehabilitation for the preceding 26 years prior to making the decision to retire from the position she had had there for the entirety of that time period. She was a devout follower of the Christian religion, an active member of the Liggett Baptist Church, and a fervent advocate for the preservation of the rights of all animals.

She passed away in 2016. Both of her parents, Helen Hopkins and Mark Hopkins, had previously passed away before to her passing. They never had any other children besides her. Her father’s given name was Eugene Hopkins, but everyone in the family and the community referred to him as “Hoppy,” after the nickname he was known by.

Her devoted fiance Matthew Thacker, her doting daughter Rachel, and her furry baby Milo Poynter are the only members of her family still alive who are able to carry on her heritage and show respect for her memory. Rachel and Matthew Thacker have decided to become engaged. Her furry little one’s name is Milo Poynter. Rachel and her fiance, Matthew Thacker, as well as her brother, Milo Poynter, are the only surviving members of her family.

Her husband, Pete Poynter, as well as her mother, Evelyn Fultz Hopkins, and her brother, Milo Poynter, are also still alive. In addition to this, there are a significant number of the family’s other living relatives as well as friends who are still around