James Carter Obituary Charleston, SC, Help Find Missing James Carter

James Carter Missing – On Tuesday, a complaint of a missing person was filed for a young adult who was 16 years old, and the Charleston Police Department is asking for the aid of the general public in its search for the person in question as part of its investigation into the disappearance. On Tuesday, it was reported that the young adult was gone. The last time anyone heard from James Lee Carter Jr. was on March 9, when he was reportedly on his way to school with other members of his family, as reported by the police.

This was the last time that anyone communicated with him in any way. Since then, his family has not been able to make any kind of contact with him, and they have not seen him in the period that has passed since they last heard from him. It is thought that Carter spends a significant amount of time in the North Charleston neighborhood, more specifically in the communities surrounding Florida Avenue, the old DSS building complex, and the Cherokee Apartments.

It is also possible that Carter commutes between these three locations. Those who have been looking into the problem and conducting investigations have indicated that this is what they have discovered as a result of their work. Please contact the Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch at the following number: (843) 743-7200 if you have any information that could lead to his location.