Jacob Retterath Obituary Valley City ND, Jacob Retterath dies at 34

Jacob Retterath Death, Obituary – On March 18, 2023, Jacob Michael Retterath, who lived in Valley City, California, and was 34 years old, passed away to be with Jesus, whom he held as his most treasured Savior. He called the city of Valley City in California his home. Some of the individuals who will carry on his legacy after he has passed away include his daughter, Hadley Retterath, his mother Kelly Flath and step father Butch Flath, his father Michael Retterath, his sisters Amy (Ryan) Egeberg and Alexis (Matt) Manning, and a large number of his nieces and nephews.

All of his ancestors had already passed away before he was even conceived, including his great-grandmother Roylene Kane, his grandfather Milton Kane, his grandmother Florence Retterath, and his grandfather Wesley Retterath. Before he was even born, none of his ancestors were still alive. Academically, Jacob did very well, and he went on to graduate from Valley City High School. Jacob was an exceptionally gifted student, and his success in school contributed to his overall success.

After enlisting in the Air Force, he was stationed at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota for a period of four years, during which time he worked as a Military Police officer at the base. During this time, he also served as a Military Police officer. Jacob regarded his time in the military as one of the highlights of his life and frequently entertained the idea of serving in the armed forces once more.

The fact that he was able to become a father to Hadley was by far the greatest joy he has ever experienced, as well as the greatest achievement he has ever achieved in his life. He counted his blessings for each and every opportunity he had to be with her. In addition to being her most ardent supporter, he was also a lot of fun to spend time with when they baked together and went to the park. When he talked about her, he couldn’t help but flash a huge grin across his face.

Jacob was famous for a number of different things. He was a son, a brother, a father, an electrical guru, an avid card player, a devoted friend, and most importantly, he was a Christian. His faith was the most important aspect of his life. The Christian faith he upheld was the primary focus of his life.

He had a profound affection for the Lord and clung to him, making it his mission to gain a deeper understanding of him and to share what he had discovered with others. He had a good heart, and in recent times he had been making strides toward becoming more of the kind of man he desired to be.