Ina Gilbert Obituary, Death, Member of The Society of Canadian Artist Has Passed Away

Ina Gilbert Obituary, Death – It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of the demise of Ina Gilbert SCA, who was both a founding member of the SCA and an honorary member of the organization (Hon).
In 1967, Ina served as the President of the Society of Cooperative Artists (S.C.A.). During her tenure, the organization rewrote its constitution, changed its name to the Society of Canadian Artists, and was given the mandate “to hold open juried shows for artists from across the country and to make efforts to have exhibitions travel across Canada.” The SCA considers it an honor to carry on her legacy of progressive leadership.
Our deepest sympathies go out to her husband Jack Gilbert, as well as to their family and all of their friends. These are some parts from an announcement that were given to us by Jack Gilbert:

The 2nd of February, 1932 to the 12th of March, 2023 After a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Ina Elaine Gilbert BA (Hon), SCA (Hon) passed away in a calm and quiet environment at home. Survived by her devoted husband of more than 72 years, Jack Gilbert, daughters Cindy Friedlander and Tracey Gilbert Monette and their husbands, granddaughters Jessica Gilbert, Lilly Friedlander, and Taylor Monette, sister Phyllis Wengle and her husband Stephen, and a large number of other wonderful family members from the Ciglen, Sherman, and Gilbert families.\

Ina bestowed onto all those who knew her a wonderful gift in the form of her radiant smile, as well as her warmth, generosity, care, and intelligence. Throughout her life, Ina might be found on the golf course, skiing down the slopes, or on an adventure with her husband Jack, camera in hand. She was always up for an adventure. Ina’s first job following her graduation from the University of Toronto was in the field of interior decoration. She put her artistic abilities to work by constructing our country retreat, which included designing rich gardens and a pool to fit in with the natural surroundings.

In the early stages of her work, she progressed toward becoming an incredible contemporary artist. In 1967, she was an active participant in the formation of the Society of Canadian Artists. Her lengthy and fruitful career as an artist encompassed a wide range of mediums, and she ended it by producing colorful pieces in Photoshop in her latter years. To learn more about Ina Gilbert and her artwork, please visit her website at