In a heated argument, 21 Savage explodes on a clubhouse user.

On Clubhouse, 21 Savage frequently engages in conversation over a variety of subjects. As individuals gathered to interact during a period when in-person meet-ups were avoided, the platform quickly became the place to be during the 2020 epidemic. Even though a number of users have abandoned Clubhouse, entertainers continue to profit from their ability to be heard.

However, these discussions frequently result in tense situations. There have been many savage back-and-forths between 21 Savage, but a fresh audio clip has appeared on Twitter. The argument has already started when we become involved, but Savage’s rage is still present.

The rapper yelled as someone tried to talk over him, “You waited for this moment your whole life, so you could dispute with a n*gga on Clubhouse.” You continue to let the Chicago n*ggas lift your head, as if they weren’t actually dying, bro. Stop being silly!

Someone then queries Savage as to if his point was that his “side didn’t take no losses,” even though the specifics of the debate were not made clear in the video.

Every n*gga we have a disagreement with has 30 of their own n*ggas, which they smoke while we remain unharmed. The rapper yelled, “In real life, n*gga. While others made an effort to calm him down, Savage wasn’t satisfied.

“You from Chicago, I implore you to keep quiet. I encourage you to stop playing because the n*ggas I f*ck with are up there spanking sh*t. You guys aren’t doing anything, n*gga.

When the phrase “You will die!” was frequently shouted, the situation spiraled out of hand.

Savage hasn’t discussed the incident in public. Listen to the contentious discussion above.