Igor Rybkin Obituary Ann Arbor, MI, Igor Rybkin Died In A Fatal Crash

Igor Rybkin Obituary, Death – Igor Rybkin, who was a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, sadly lost his life in a terrible vehicle accident. On the first of July in 1960, he was brought into the world by his parents, Michael Rybkin and Anna Strausser, who resided in New York City at the time. His birthday is on July 1st, so happy birthday to him! Throughout those 23 years that Steve worked for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York City, he served as a construction flagger for the agency.

In addition to his membership in the Hudson Valley Sportsmen’s Association, he was also a member of the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Church in LaGrangeville, where he was a member of the congregation and where he often attended services. His daughter Tamara and his wife Maria, to whom he has been married for 62 years, are the only people who have survived his passing.

They will both feel a great loss upon his demise. There are no surviving relatives in his family tree (in Ottawa). Following a hard and drawn-out journey, he and his wife ultimately made it to Canada, where they were at last able to find freedom and the opportunity to start a new and better life for themselves. Along the journey, he made his first stop in Germany, and it was there that he not only met but also wed Maria.

After being liberated from a concentration camp in that region, he was forced to go all the way to Siberia, which was a lengthy and difficult process. His death occurred in Canada when he was 86 years old. Walter had a long and fruitful life, but in his latter years he struggled with a variety of illnesses and diseases, despite the fact that he had a long life.

This was the case in spite of the fact that he lived a long and prosperous life. Yet, since his wife provided unflinching, unflinching, and continuous care and support, he was able to spend his last days in the comfort of his own home and continue to take pleasure in life. This was made possible by his wife’s unyielding, unwavering, and ongoing care and support. As a consequence of this, he was able to pass away while he was still having a wonderful time with his life.