Ian C. Throndsen Death Missoula, MT, Dead Body Found along I-90 near Bonner

Ian C. Throndsen Death – The sheriff of Missoula County has revealed the name of the deceased male whose body was located on March 12 next to Interstate 90. The sheriff’s office is located in Missoula.

Jeremiah Petersen, the sheriff of Missoula County, was able to positively identify the deceased person as Ian C. Throndsen, 61, a resident of Missoula. Petersen was able to make this determination thanks to the information provided by Throndsen’s family. At the mile marker 109 on the roadway in Bonner, on the shoulder of the road where he was discovered, the debris had been swept away.

There is no evidence to imply that Throndsen’s death was the consequence of any illegal action, as stated by the sheriff’s office in the investigation into his death. The conclusions of the investigation into the cause of death will not be considered complete until the Forensic Science Division of the Department of Justice in Montana has finished reporting their findings.