Hunter Flaxbeard Obituary Wabasha, MN, Hunter Flaxbeard Has Passed Away Suddenly

Hunter Flaxbeard Obituary, Death – I must break the news to you with deep sorrow that Hunter Flaxbeard has died away; I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We extend our sincerest sympathies. After being married to Nancy Croddy, he started a new chapter in his life, and the two of them eventually had three children together: Becki, Tom, and Beth.

His wife’s name was Nancy Croddy, and she was an attorney. In addition, he is survived by his daughter Becki and her husband Mark Brown of Homer, Louisiana; his son Tom Flaxbeard of Overland, Missouri; his daughter Beth and her husband Dave Grounds of Tulsa, Oklahoma; his son Larry of Kansas City, Missouri; his son Chuck of Olathe, Kansas; his sister Donna Dickson of Joplin, Missouri; and his eight cherished grandchildren named Joshua, Jennifer, Zachary, Zoey, Emily, Kristen, and Legos.

Inside the boundaries of the Rocky Comfort Community School District, which is located within the state of Missouri. Dale completed his secondary studies and earned a diploma as a result. After completing the requirements for his high school education and being awarded his diploma, he began his academic journey at Abilene Christian College. After that, he made the decision to transfer to Harding

College, which is located in Searcy, Arkansas. It was there that he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. After being married to Shirlene Vaughn, who would stay his wife for the next 36 years, he and his new wife would ultimately have two children together: Larry and Chuck. Both of their names were derived from their middle names.

Shirlene, his wife and the person he entrusts with the responsibility of running the household, is the only person he leaves behind. My education in Physical Education began at Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas, where I went on to acquire both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree there. The discipline of Physical Education is the focus of both of these degrees.