Hajj Moussa Obituary, Islamic Center of America pioneer has sadly passed away

Hajj Moussa Obituary, Death – The loss of our beloved brother, the founder of the Islamic Center of America and a pillar of the local community, Hajj Chafic Moussa, has left us in a state of profound anguish. His death has also brought home to us the fact that our own lives have a finite duration. Hajj Chafic was the epitome of a leader who goes above and beyond for their people and whose every action serves as an example for others to emulate. Many looked up to him as an inspiration.

While he joined the ICA at a relatively early point in its existence, due to his dedication during that time he is now considered one of the organization’s founding fathers. By his unrelenting commitment to his job and his contributions to the general well-being of the community, he established an outstanding example for others to follow. He invested a great deal of his time and energy into making sure the ICA was well-run and achieving development. He followed through to safeguard the group’s long-term viability. He was a perfect representation of each of these qualities.

He was a model of what it meant to work hard, dedicate oneself, and give back to one’s community. One might use him as a role model. His presence was both uplifting and motivating. He became the kind of leader that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world because to his steadfast commitment to operating honorably and honestly at all times and his lifetime passion to helping the community in some fashion. This is directly responsible for his development into a unique breed of world leader.

The entire region has been favourably touched by Hajj Chafic’s presence because he lived and worked in this area while he was a resident of this planet. We want the family and the community to know how sad we are for your loss and how much we understand the pain you’re feeling right now. We are sorry for your loss and the pain it has caused you and we want you to know that we are thinking of you.