Grant Peterson Obituary, State Patrol identifies 20-year-old killed in a fatal crash in Lake Delton

Grant Peterson Obituary, Death – The person who was killed in a collision in December close to Lake Delton has been conclusively recognized by the Wisconsin State Police. The collision took place in the vicinity of the lake. The crash occurred in the neighborhood of the lake. The collision happened close to the lake in the surrounding area. The incident occurred in the region that is immediately surrounding the lake. December was the month that saw the occurrence of the incident that ultimately resulted in the crash.

The event took place at a spot that can be found directly in the lake’s surroundings in this particular location. Grant Peterson, who was born in West Bend and had reached the age of 20 at the time of his death, has been unmistakably identified as the person whose body was discovered by the State Patrol. Peterson’s birthplace and age at the time of his death were both known with absolute certainty. As he passed away, Peterson had just turned 20 years old. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Grant Peterson is in fact who he says he is.

In the latter half of the month of December 2022, Peterson was a passenger in a vehicle that was engaged in a head-on accident with another vehicle. Both vehicles were traveling in the same direction. Peterson passed away as a result of the collision. Both cars were traveling in the same general direction at the moment. The collision that took place in that location was brought about by a person traveling in the other direction on westbound Interstate 90 close to Lake Delton. Peterson was a passenger in the vehicle that was involved in the accident and was injured as a result of it. Peterson was injured as a direct result of the accident, which occurred earlier. The two automobiles were involved in a collision with each other that took place at a high rate of speed and head-on as a direct consequence of the event that took place.