Gerald Gold Obituary Cleveland, OH, Gerald Gold Has Passed Away

Gerald Gold Obituary, Death – It is with deep regret that we must let our members know that Gerald (Jerry) Gold has passed away. This morning, Jerry’s widow Rosemary shared the sad news that her husband had passed away. Jerry served as President of the CBA from 1982 to 1983. (then called the Bar Association of Greater Cleveland). He was a well-known criminal defense attorney in addition to being a CMBF Fellow. Jerry started his career as an attorney in 1954 and worked as the public defender for Cuyahoga County from 1960 to 1965. After that, he went back to working in private practice, specializing in the area of criminal defense.

During the time that he was president of the CBA, the Bar Association initiated a comprehensive pro bono program in the midst of a significant crisis in civil legal services to the poor. At the time, the federal government had cut funding to organizations that provide legal services by 25%, including the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. The program CASE (Cleveland Attorneys Seeking Equity), which was approved by the Board, called for the recruitment of 1,000 volunteer lawyers who were willing to take 2–3 cases annually on behalf of the poor or, if they were unable to volunteer, contribute $250 to help fund legal services. If you are unable to volunteer, you can still make a contribution.

The initiative began in March 1983 and by July 1983 had amassed a total of $82,000 in donations and attracted 1,160 individuals to serve as volunteers. This achievement marked the beginning of yet another collaboration program between the Association and Legal Aid. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and coworkers on the loss of their loved one. As soon as the information is ready, we will release the specifics of the services.