Gabriel Magalhaes Obituary Toronto ON, 16-year-old stabbed in subway station

A young man, aged 16, who passed away after being stabbed in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack in a Toronto subway station is being remembered as a caring young man who cherished the time he spent with his family and friends. It appeared as though the attack was carried out without any provocation.

After reportedly being stabbed multiple times at the Keele subway station on Saturday evening, Gabriel Magalhaes is said to have passed unexpectedly. When someone else approached him, he was sitting on a bench at the station. At that time, he had been there for some time.

Today, the principal of the high school Gabriel attended sent a message to the students and parents of the school expressing his regret at the death of the teenager. The message was written in the form of a letter. Those who knew Gabriel have created a tribute in the lobby of the Keele subway station by placing flowers and cards there.

One count of first-degree murder has been filed against a man of the same age who does not have a fixed address in connection with the occurrence..