Fred Henderson Obituary, Fred Henderson Has Passed Away Sadly

Fred Henderson Obituary, Death – We are deeply saddened to inform you of the demise of Fred Henderson, a former owner of the firm and a pioneer in its early days. Fred died away on Tuesday, March 21, 2016, with his devoted family members surrounding him. Fred was someone who was profoundly loved by his family and friends, and the magnitude of the loss that will be felt as a result of his departure is difficult to put into words.

Together with his immediate family, those of us who were fortunate enough to have worked with or known him will experience a profound sense of loss as a result of his passing. He was a motivated innovator and accomplished President who developed and expanded a company that today represents and practices the same ideas he led with. He established and grew a firm that still represents and practices the same principles.

He was accomplished. After starting off at Nu-Wool as a salesperson in 1970, Fred eventually became a stakeholder in the company alongside his wife Jenny in 1972. Fred served as President of Nu-Wool for the following three decades, and in the 1990s, the Henderson family acquired exclusive ownership of the business he had led. Nu-Wool continues to be a family-owned business that was established on the groundwork laid by their father and grandparents.

Fred, who was the grandfather of the firm, had a great degree of affection for the individuals he worked with as well as the merchants he dealt with. Fred might be seen sipping coffee in the break room, playing golf with customers, assisting on the plant floor, or doing any activity that needed to be done when he was not overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.

His passion was the driving force behind the development of the firm into what it is now, and his staff were treated like family. Fred’s effervescent grin, hilarious sense of humor, and genuine love for people will never be forgotten, and the Nu-Wool family will carry on his legacy even after he has passed away. The visitation will take place on April 11, and the funeral will take place on April 12.