Frank Beirne Obituary, Frank Beirne Has Passed Away

Frank Beirne Obituary, Death – Frank Beirne  It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the recent passing of Frank Beirne, who was considered to be one of the “legends” of Farnworth Country Club. At the time, Frank was under the age of 18, and the general consensus was that he was the quickest bowler in the United Kingdom who was under the age of 18. He was without a shadow of a doubt one of the best fast bowlers that the town of Farnworth has ever produced.

He was a member of the Lancashire Cricket Federation in 1973 and was responsible for the dismissal of a number of County Under 18’s teams, including those that contained David Gower and Ian Botham. In addition, he was responsible for the removal of a number of teams in 1973. Because of this, the Lancashire CCC came to the conclusion that they should sign him to a contract for the 1974–1975 season that would last for two years.

After finishing his time at St. James’ Secondary School, Frank continued his education at Farnworth Grammar School. He had a house on Brian Road, which is right around the corner from where they kept the score. Despite the fact that his burial took place two weeks ago, we are just now learning of his passing away, which is a really unfortunate turn of events. During this trying time, we are keeping his family and all of those who are close to him in our thoughts and prayers. RIP Frank. My best buddy while I was attending primary school, but once I moved away from Brian Road in 1960, we fell out of touch and never longer spoke.