Florida School Shooting 2023, 3 adult and 3 children died, police say

Florida School Shooting 2023 – According to the authorities, on Monday a former student who was heavily armed opened fire through a locked school entrance at a private Christian school in Nashville, where he then went on to kill three students and three adults working at the institution.

John Drake, the Chief of Metropolitan Nashville Police, stated that in addition to the three pupils who were 9 years old, the attacker, who was 28 years old, also critically wounded a custodian, a substitute teacher, and the head of the school before being slain by responding cops.

According to the authorities, Audrey Hale had made considerable preparations for the violent act that she committed at The Covenant School on Burton Hills Boulevard.

Here, you can follow along for live coverage. Drake stated that there were maps prepared of the institution, which included specific details such as surveillance and entry locations. An official stated that the shooter, who was found dead on the second floor of the school, was in possession of two “assault-type weapons” and a handgun.

According to a tweet from the police, the names of the three pupils that were killed are Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney. According to the website for the school, school head Katherine Koonce held a doctorate in education and was a graduate of Vanderbilt University. A substitute teacher named Cynthia Peak, who was 61 years old, and a janitor named Mike Hill, who was 61 years old, also died in the shooting.

Children from preschoolers all the way up to sixth graders were transported by bus to the Woodmont Baptist Church located three miles away, where they were reunited with their families. The school accommodates students from preschool to sixth grade.

At 10:13 a.m. (11:13 a.m. ET), police reported receiving their first calls regarding the shooter, and at 10:39 a.m., Nashville firemen stated that their personnel were responding to a “active aggressor.” Both of these times are in the Eastern Time zone.

Don Aaron, a spokeswoman for the police department, told reporters that the response time from the agency was very quick. They reported hearing gunfire coming from the second level. They ran in the direction of the shooting straight away. As soon as the officers reached the second level, they noticed a female gunman who was actively firing her weapon. The police began a conversation with her. Officers who arrived on the scene and responded to the call shot and killed her.
According to Aaron, there were five police officers who came upon the shooter, and two of them opened fire. Aaron stated that by 10:27 the person who had been shooting was no longer alive.

According to the officials, shattering glass injured one of the officers. According to the school’s website, the student-to-instructor ratio at The Covenant School is 8-to-1, and there are 33 teachers employed there. Aaron estimated that there would be 209 students and 42 staff members present on campus during a typical school day.

The church and the school are located at the same location because they were both established in 2001 as ministries of the Covenant Presbyterian Church. The firefighters assisted in removing the students from the building, taking great care to shield them from the sight of the destruction that they had just witnessed.

According to the spokesperson for the fire department, Kendra Loney, “We were on scene to help them prevent anyone from seeing exactly what more was going on,” but “we’re sure they heard the pandemonium that was surrounding this.”