Finau Tukuafu Obituary, Finau Tukuafu Has Passed Away

Finau Tukuafu Obituary, Death – Before Finau passed away, he talked for several weeks about needing to swing by The Hive to get his beard lined up by Lynn, but he was always working and never got around to doing it. Finau had mentioned that he needed to get his beard lined up by Lynn before he passed away, but he never got around to doing it. As soon as he passed away, we contacted Lynn and asked her to come to the morgue so that she could give Finau a last shave and arrange his beard in preparation for his funeral.

Eventually, after a few months had passed, we came to the conclusion that Ilaiasi would not have enough class credits to graduate, but he was able to make up the credit he needed by getting an internship. We phoned Lynn once again to see if he might be of assistance to us, and he readily agreed to do so. As I watch this film and listen to its narration, I am reminded of the deep love that Finau had in his heart for his neighborhood.

While Ilaiasi’s father is unable to mentor him in person, I am thankful that Lynn has taken him under his wing and shown him the ropes in his absence. Visit The Hive Barbershop in Herriman if you’re in the neighborhood to show your support for the wonderful individuals that work there and the good things they do.