Errol “Bong” Strachan Obituary, Bass Guitarist of “The Rudimentals” Band Has Passed Away

Errol “Bong” Strachan Obituary, – (Official Statement) The news that our beloved bass guitarist, Errol “Bong” Strachan, who was a treasured member of our band The Rudimentals, had passed away was greeted by all of us with sad hearts, and it is with these deep emotions that we share this news with you. Errol “Bong” Strachan was a treasured member of our band The Rudimentals. Bong was not only an exceptionally talented musician, but he was also a selfless and humble person who made everyone he came in contact with happy and made them laugh.

He was known for his ability to play the piano and the violin. His infectious energy and passion for music will be dearly missed not only by each and every one of us, but also by the entirety of the community of musicians. During this difficult time, we want his family, friends, and fans to know that we are thinking of them and expressing our condolences. We are sorry for the loss that you have suffered. Bong was a true icon and an essential part of the Rudimentals family; he will always be remembered and revered by the band’s fans and members alike.

Condolence Message: You were definitely one in a million, and I can’t thank you enough, mate. To the fret board, where you play, from your skate shop, where you skate! Having a great time performing with you in NDB throughout the course of two years, including all of the chuckles, jam sessions, gigs, and overall love! You, brother, need to raise your gaze to the heavens. The sound of your derriere smacking its way through the stage in the sky will bring smiles to the faces of Clyde, Davey, and George. My sincerest condolences go out to Wendy, the Rudies, and the rest of the family in your time of loss. An overwhelming amount of affection!!!