Eric Miller Obituary Abingdon VA, Eric Miller has died sadly

Eric Miller Death, Obituary – On February 7, 2023, Eric Lavonte Miller passed away unexpectedly when Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, opened the gates of heaven for his son to return home to be with him, that moment marked the beginning of the reunification of the two families.

Kendra Lashea Daniels and Eric Armon Miller welcomed their son Eric Lavonte Miller into the world at 3:30 in the morning on August 8, 2004, and he was given the name Eric Lavonte Miller. Before taking on the position of big brother to Alexander Daniels and Dream Daniels, he spent several years serving as the baby brother to Davino Daniels and Marvellis Miller, as well as to big sister De’Aviance Miller.

During those years, he was also the big sister to De’Aviance Miller. The siblings have always watched out for one another, love one another, are the best of friends, and share a bond that only the three of them can really understand to its full extent.

If you have ever called Eric for anything, it is conceivable that the first words you heard from him were, “What it is, what it ain’t.” Someone who was very knowledgeable once stated that strength, wisdom, love, and vision are the four pillars on which a man is built. In my opinion, Eric exemplified all of these characteristics from an early age and served as an example for them.

The fact that he was able to beat Type I Diabetes without skipping a beat is evidence of his tenacity and desire to keep on despite of the obstacles that he encountered along the way. One thing was certain: if you knew him, you had to adore him. It didn’t make a difference whether you knew Eric from the football field, his brief career as a wrestler.

Walking the halls of Leavenworth High School, or his immaculate sense of style; the only thing that mattered was that you knew him. Because of this, Eric has never seen a person that he didn’t know, and when he was a youngster, he would ride his bike about town wearing those gigantic spectacles and not give a care in the world. He has never met a person that he didn’t know. We referred to him as Pa-Pa because he had the “old spirit” quality of an elderly person.

You might be walking through the shopping center one day when you catch a whiff of one of his many colognes, and it will bring back pleasant memories of the way he hugged you. His legacy will live on in our hearts whenever we watch the Chiefs play on Sundays, whenever we laugh at a silly TikTok that the two of us created together, whenever we picture Eric awkwardly attempting to strike the ideal pose for a photograph, and whenever we catch a whiff of one of his many colognes. His memory will live on in all of these ways.

If you’re a fan of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Maverick City, Frank Sinatra, or even J. Cole, you need to take a moment and focus on the words because they tell a tale. Pay attention to what they say. The fact that Eric was a fan of music from a diverse range of genres is indicative of the kind of soul he possessed.

Eric had the kind of soul that left a mark on friendships that were formed at all stages of life. It is a well-known fact that he possessed an extraordinary quantity of vitality, yet all it needed to remember him for the rest of your life was to catch a glimpse of his enormous, dazzling grin. He was simply unforgettable. Eric was a good person with a compassionate spirit.

He volunteered a significant amount of his spare time to work with children in the church’s ministry and gave back to the community in an amazing number of different ways. Everyone who will be left behind by Eric should know that he was dependable and that he loved each and every one of you. Eric was the rock upon which friendships were created, and everyone who will be left behind by Eric should know this.

Eric was loved by a significant number of individuals, and he received that love in return from an even larger number. His paternal great-grandfather, Sonya Gordon Gordon, and paternal grandpa, Jimmy Williamson, both lived to see him become an adult. In addition to him, his maternal grandfather Terry Gordon Jr. has made it through the years.

Paternal Aunts and Uncles- Brian & Denisha Beaman, Keith & Julia Banks, Terrance Richards, Pamela & Clay Seber, Isiah Gordon, Eboni & Tremaine Parris and Karen & Walter Barrow; Maternal Grandparents, Nana-Carol Daniels and Kenneth Woods; maternal Aunts and Uncles-Kenneth Woods, Kenneth Daniels, Monique Johnson, and Dominique Johnson; and a host of cousins he loved.