East kingston NH car accident, Man died, Wife and 2 Kids Injured in East kingston crash

East kingston NH car accident – A woman, two children, and one adult were injured in a car accident on Tuesday, and the New Hampshire State Police revealed that the accident also resulted in the death of one of the drivers involved. Burnt Swamp Road in East Kingston was the location of a collision that occurred at approximately 1:40 in the afternoon, as reported by the New Hampshire State Police. The incident only involved one vehicle.

The male driver was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the accident where he was involved in the car accident, as stated by the police. A female passenger who was riding in the vehicle was airlifted to a hospital in the greater Boston area from the scene by helicopter. Two young toddlers, ages three and nine months old, were rushed to the hospital after suffering life-threatening injuries.

As a direct result of the collision, at least two of the roads in the area were closed. The fact that the state police were present at the scene and confirming that an investigation into the “serious single motor vehicle crash with multiple injured victims” was taking place on Burnt Swamp Road is evidence that the investigation is in fact taking place. They stated that any more information that became available would be disclosed to the public as soon as it was.

At this time, there is no information that can be provided regarding the seriousness of the injuries. According to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, which reported this shortly after 2:00 p.m., accidents have prompted the closure of all lanes between Route 107A and Chase Road.

These accidents were the reason of the closure. Just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) published an update in which it stated that Route 108 at Route 107A was closed, as well as Route 107A from Route 108 to Chase Road. Both of these roadways were closed due to an accident.

In aerial footage, a car that seemed like it had been in an accident with a tree was seen lying on the ground in two pieces following what appeared to be a collision with the tree. There was no additional information regarding the collision that could be gained right away due to the fact that it had already happened.