Janeecia Mason Obituary, 19-year-old missing body found dead, official says – Says

Janeecia Mason Obituary, Death – Following the discovery of a woman’s body under a bridge, the Fort Worth Police Department is continuing to ask for witnesses and anyone else who may have information about the case. On Monday, the authorities were able to positively identify the deceased individual as Janeecia “Nene” Mason. She was identified as the person who had passed away.
Barbara Taylor, Janeecia’s mother, told WFAA that her daughter was “simply tossed like she was nothing like she was nobody and she was somebody because she was my baby.” Barbara Taylor is quoted as saying that her daughter was “tossed like she was nothing like she was nobody and she was somebody because she was my baby.” “She was just hurled around like she was nothing like she was nothing and she was somebody,” the narrator says. “She was just flung around like she was nobody and she was somebody.”
Taylor noted that her daughter, who had recently graduated from high school, was talented in the art of cosmetology, which was one of her many interests. Taylor’s daughter had a wide array of interests. When we last saw her, she had just turned 19 years old a short while prior to that event. Taylor has now informed everyone that the state of Louisiana has been chosen as the final resting place for her daughter and that the funeral services will be held there.
“Up until a certain point in time, Texas maintained a position near the top of my list of the states that I most desired to live in. I just can’t shake the sensation that I should have been born and raised in Texas. It just feels like it was meant to be.” Her eyes started to well up with tears as she spoke. “Where exactly in Fort Worth is a young man likely to approach my daughter and make a sexual advance toward her? There must be at least one person, anywhere in the world, who is familiar with this information. It’s high time that I put an end to this particular chapter in my life.” Taylor remarked.