Don Fullarton Obituary, Don Fullarton has passed away unexpectedly – Death

Don Fullarton Obituary, Death – The sad news that my sensei Don Fullarton has passed away has caused me to feel an overwhelming sense of loss. Donald was the instructor for my very first Karate class, which took place in the Dennyloanhead Community hall in 1977. I was six years old at the time, and it was there that I learned the art. We have been buddies since since. Donald was my sensei from the time I was a little child until I was well into my adolescent years,
and I will always think of him as my instructor. This relationship lasted from the time I was a young child until I was well into my teen years. Donald was the one who taught me how to do karate, but he also educated me in appropriate manners, etiquette, honesty, and self-discipline, which was the most important thing he taught me. Lessons that I was taught by Donald all throughout my childhood had a big impact not only on who I was as I was evolving into an adult but also on who I am now as I move forward in life.
These lessons helped shape who I am today and will continue to shape who I am in the future. I will be always grateful to Donald because the core ideas that he instilled in me have remained with me throughout the years, and for that, I will be forever indebted to him. He was like a father to me as I was growing up and I really looked up to him. In addition to that, he was someone I looked up to and considered to be a hero.
A number of years ago, when I was in Paisley, I had the pleasure of meeting Donald and his lovely wife, Penny. That was also the moment on which I presented Adele and Lauryn to each other for the first time. I am filled with gratitude that I was given the chance to do it. I never for one second believed that would be the last time I would see him, but the memories of the time we spent together will remain very precious to me no matter what the future holds. Rest in Peace Sensei