Dee Campbell Obituary, Hurst Jr High Red Raiders Teacher Dee Campbell Has Died

Dee Campbell Obituary, Death – I just found out that Dee Campbell, an educator who had worked for the school in the past, passed away on Tuesday. She was a former employee. It is requested that prayers be expressed for her and her family. I was sitting in her class when the word came out that the Challenger space shuttle had exploded. At the time, I didn’t know what had happened.(1986)

When she returned, she found herself in the middle of an altercation with one of the other instructors, despite the fact that she had only been gone for a few seconds. She said, “I am going to tell my children!”…After then, she went on to tell us everything that had taken place since then.

She loved us in the same way that we loved her, and we loved her in return. Her family should be blessed by the Lord. My opinion is that he was the most influential teacher I’ve ever had. RIP Mrs. Campbell.