Deb Hays Obituary, Deb Hays Has Died – Death

Deb Hays Obituary, Death – On March 25, we were taken aback when we learned that New Hanover County Commissioner Deb Hays had passed away suddenly due to an unexpected illness. Her passing came as a complete surprise to us. Everyone here was taken aback by the news of her passing. It is not an easy task for us to deliver the bad news to you, but doing so is required of us at this time.

Please have compassion for us and know that this decision weighs heavily on our hearts. Hays has been a member of this organisation ever since the year 2020, and ever since that time, they have held a position on the Board of Directors. She is now recognised as a community activist and a leader in her immediate region as a direct result of the enormous contributions that she has made to the community over the course of the years.

She has made it the mission of her life to aid individuals who are struggling in any way that she can, and she is steadfast in her determination to accomplish this goal in the best way that she can. For all of the years that she spent on this planet, she was surrounded by people who loved and cared for her, and we would like to express our most heartfelt sympathies to each and every one of those people, in addition to the members of her family.