Death of a Young Son By Drowning In Ontario TN, David Carroll charged with Negligence

Death of a Young Son By Drowning In Ontario TN – According to the police in Tennessee, a man was taken into custody in connection with the death of his kid, which occurred six months ago as a result of drowning. The Bradley County officers were called to a home in Charleston on September 25 when the residents discovered a child who was unresponsive in their pool, as stated in a press release that was issued on March 20. The incident took place on September 25.

Deputies were able to determine that the victim was a young kid from a nearby residence, and after transporting him to the hospital, they found that he was in critical condition and needed immediate medical attention. The investigation into the boy’s death continued the day after he passed away, which was the day after he was found dead.

The deputies claim that the grand jury in Bradley County, which is 40 years old, has finally indicted the boy’s father, David Carroll Jr., for the murder of his son. According to the detectives who carried out the investigation, it took a “intensive investigation” before Carroll was charged with aggravated child neglect and criminally negligent murder. The charges stem from Carroll’s alleged involvement in the death of a child.

Upon the death of the child, the sheriff’s office did not issue any further statements. According to the paperwork obtained from the Bradley County Prison, Carroll was booked into the establishment with a bond set at the amount of $35,000.