Darragh Gallagher Obituary, Member Of Padraig Pearse GAA Club Chicago Has Died

Darragh Gallagher Obituary, Death – The club would like to take this opportunity to send its most profound condolences to Darragh Gallagher’s family and friends in light of the tragic passing of the young man. Darragh Gallagher passed away unexpectedly. The young man’s passing occurred at an awfully tender age for someone of his age. During this tremendously trying time, Red and Ann, along with their entire extended family, are in our thoughts and prayers.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with all of their family members. In addition, we are keeping their extended family as a whole in our thoughts and prayers. In addition, the entirety of their extended family is included in the thoughts and prayers that we are offering for them right now. During this trying time, we are also keeping Red and Ann’s extended family, which includes all of Red and Ann’s relatives, in our prayers and thoughts. Also, we are keeping their extended family as a whole in our thoughts and prayers at this precise moment. Please know that they are not alone in this time of need. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts.

It has been brought to our attention that Darragh Steve Gallagher, who worked at the Cinema House on Convent Road in Milford, has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. His passing comes as a shock to everyone who knew him. This information has been brought to our attention, and it has been pointed out to us that it is pertinent. Gallagher not only worked there but also served as a member of the staff there in addition to his employment.

His mother, Maeve, and his father, Lan, as well as his sister, Elaine, and his brother, Daniel, as well as his grandparents Eileen and Phonsie McElwee of Milford and Mary and Danny Gallagher of Inver; aunts, uncles, and cousins; great-grandmothers Peggy Campbell and Josie Gallagher; and god-parents; loved and treasured him very much. In addition to being one of his great-grandmothers on his mother’s side, Josie Gallagher was also one of his great-great-grandmothers. The 15th of April, 2019, was the day he passed away, hence the year 2019 is considered to be the year of his death. (Colin McElwee was seen with Carol, his wife, who was also present).