Daniel Garcia Obituary Pflugerville, TX, Daniel Garcia Has Sadly Died In A Car Accident

Daniel Garcia Obituary, Death – The police in Taylor are now conducting an investigation into an accident that took place on Saturday night and ultimately resulted in the death of a guy who was originally from Pflugerville. The event in question took occurred in Taylor. The victim’s life was taken as a direct result of the act in question. According to the testimonies that were given to the investigators, the event took place on January 7 in the 4300 block of North Main Street just a little bit after 11 o’clock in the evening.

According to the complaint that was filed by the police, Daniel Garcia, 42 years old, was operating a Chevrolet truck from the year 2016 when he allegedly crossed over into the lanes of traffic that were designated for northbound traffic, which led to a head-on collision with a GMC Yukon from the year 2003. Garcia is said to have been injured as a result of the accident.

Garcia is the primary suspect in this case and is suspected of driving the Chevrolet pickup. Garcia was declared deceased at the scene of the accident, and two persons from Jarrell who were in the Yukon at the time of the incident were sent to a hospital with injuries that were believed to be life-threatening. Garcia passed away at the scene of the accident.

Garcia was unable to survive the collision and passed tragically there. At the scene of the incident, Garcia was determined to have passed away. Both of the cars were found to have open containers of alcoholic drinks, which is one of the conclusions that can be drawn from the investigation that took place. This was one of the discoveries that came out of the investigation. The personnel from law enforcement have been quite kind and gave us with all of this information.

The investigators are currently waiting for the results of the toxicological test so that they can assess whether or not drunkenness had a role in the accident that took place. They have made the claim that there are no ongoing criminal allegations at this moment, which is in keeping with what we already know to be the case in this circumstance, since it is clear that there are no ongoing criminal accusations at this moment.